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Well Drilling CT – Well Drillers CT – Companies & Services Offer Affordable Rates & Reviews

Well Drilling CT – Well Drillers CT – Companies & Services Offer Affordable Rates & Reviews
Best Artesian Well Drilling CT – Contractors and Water Well Drillers in CT – Great Prices & Online Reviews

Are you looking for one of the best cable tool artesian or rotary percussion well companies in Connecticut? Well look nor further! We are here to assist you with all your well drilling needs and provide an superbly pounded artesian well at a price you can truly afford.

Well drilling costs CT can vary based on the methods utilized by the well drilling company you decide to contract for the job.

Learn more about various water well drilling CT methods in this very informative PDF document:

Our CT well drilling company is state licensed and fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.

National Groundwater Association stays in the lead as one of the most active associations in dealing with well drilling for drought stricken areas of the United States and the world.

There are over 344,000 private artesian and shallow dug water wells that currently supply over 850,000 Connecticut residents with their potable drinking water.If you are in need of a new submersible well pump or are building a new home or commercial office building and wish to learn more about the procedures involved when hiring a well drilling CT company contact the Department of Public Health in Hartford or go to this website:

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Written by: John Mack Freeman

Origins of Well Drilling Contractors in CT

The first successfully drilled well in the United States occurred in 1808 by the Ruffner Brothers at Great Buffalo Lick near Charleston, West Virginia. It was drilled for the brine water that existed below the mire and quicksand that sat on the surface.

Important Figures

The first professional water driller was Levi Disbrow. In 1823, he came from the salt industry in the areas surrounding West Virginia and Ohio to move to the north of the Potomac River to become the first professional water well driller. Another important figure is Edwin L. Drake. In 1859, Edwin L. Drake became the first American to use a pipe to separate water from other materials being drilled for to stop contamination. Drake was searching for oil and eventually became the first American to drill successfully for oil.

Power Sources for Well Drilling in CT

The power sources of well drilling changed greatly over time. Initially, all wells were manually dug or drilled. The first wells to be powered by an outside source were powered by horses that walked on a circular track. In the 1890s, steam power began being used in all water well drilling platforms and remained the primary power source for the next 50 years until the invention of the internal combustion engine. When the internal combustion engine was applied to water well drilling, it made tools portable and more energy efficient in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Developed in the 1820s and 1830s, augur boring machines began to be patented. These machines are used to cut through soil and rock. They allowed for wells to be drilled deeper and to provide water without the risk of contaminants into basic pipes made out of early forms of steel or wood. In 1870, cable tool rigs came to the forefront of well drilling technology. These used an 8-to-10-foot Samson post connected to a walking beam and a center pivot, which moved freely to drill. In 1884, a standardization occurred in cable tool rigs, specifying their exact dimensions. 1908 saw the introduction of the roller cone bit for rotary drilling. Well drilling was platform-based until the advent of portable tools in the 1940s, with the introduction of internalized power sources, giving water well drilling the tools it currently uses.

Geography of Artesian Well Drillers in CT and New England

Water well drilling CT was invented in the United States. Ruffner’s first well was drilled in West Virginia. This led to further drilling of water wells with the intention for salt in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio region throughout the early 1800s. The first freshwater well was drilled in New Jersey in the mid 1800s. From there, water well drilling practices spread outward, primarily focusing on areas that became hotbeds of new oil drilling, such as Texas and Louisiana, until water well drilling technology became ubiquitous across the United States and the world.

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