Monday, June 20, 2016

Professional Headshots Stamford CT | Business & Corporate Photographer Kristen Jensen | Reviews

Professional Headshots Stamford CT | Business & Corporate Photographer Kristen Jensen | Reviews Are you on a quest for the best headshot photographers in Stamford CT for your LinkedIn profile or acting headshots? Well, look no further. Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC has a real gift for capturing the exact moment and facial expression that says who you really are as a Stamford, Connecticut business professional, actor or corporate executive. Kristen’s rates and prices are very affordable and the quality is second to none in the region! The cost of headshots Stamford CT will vary depending on what type of headshot package you select from the former model’s selections.

Headshot Photography 101:

A master photographer will make his or her clients feel at ease and comfortable, almost forgetting being photographed, due to his or her experience – the headshot client will feel so comfortable and at times adulated that eventually the image will portray a deep sense of the subjects personality or aura.
Another element that is important for a Stamford CT headshot photographer is having a portrait image optimized for web with additional files optimized for social media. A headshot portrait will be files that the client has full control and able to use at his or her own discretion. With the traditional portraits, the photographer would keep all the files and the files rights so they could sell fine prints.

Contact Details:
Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
54 Milwaukee Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
Hours Open: 9AM-9PM

Business headshots Stamford CT and professional headshots Stamford CT are just two simple ways of searching for Kristen’s professional portrait and headshot photography services readily available throughout the Stamford, Connecticut area. Headshot photography Stamford CT has a way of capturing the essence of their model or client in a way no other headshot photography business or studio can!
Please call today or at your earliest convenience for a free no-obligation pre-shoot assessment and brief phone consultation.
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