Tuesday, March 1, 2016

News on Public Speaking Coach in CT - Don E Smith - The Speech Wiz

Don E Smith has been know as the "Speech Wiz" for quite sometime now. Don has been training and coaching corporate business executives throughout the state of Connecticut and Westchester County NY his entire life.

Don E, AKA the Speech Wiz, currently resides in Oxford CT and his executive speech coaching office is located Southbury, Connecticut, just off Heritage Road near the Friendly's restaurant.

If you or a loved one has speaking engagement anxiety or irrational fears and beliefs with regard to public presentations or public speaking engagements, you need the Speech Wiz to conquer your fears!

As a public speaking coach in CT, Don Smith tries his best to help professional executives and those looking for self-improvement and increased business presentation skills,  a new found personal awareness in their business lives.

Mr Smith is also well versed in the science and implementation of neuro linguistic programming commonly referred to as NLP.

What is NLP?

 According to leading NLP expert, Robert B. Dilts, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behavior (programming).

NLP is a pragmatic school of thought - an 'epistemology' - that addresses the many levels involved in being human. NLP is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, but also involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior. NLP provides tools and skills for the development of states of individual excellence, but it also establishes a system of empowering beliefs and presuppositions about what human beings are, what communication is and what the process of change is all about. At another level, NLP is about self-discovery, exploring identity and mission. It also provides a framework for understanding and relating to the 'spiritual' part of human experience that reaches beyond us as individuals to our family, community and global systems. NLP is not only about competence and excellence, it is about wisdom and vision.

Read entire article by author Robert B. Dilts here:

Well there you have it. If you're in the market of "marketing" yourself and or your company's brand, public speaking skills and coaching from the Speech Wiz, may be just what the doctor ordered.

To schedule an appointment of to learn more about what Mr Smith offers in the way of public speaking engagements and lessons, contact Don E Smith at his website: