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Professional Headshots West Hartford CT – Corporate & Business Photography by Kristen Jensen

Professional Headshots West Hartford CT – Corporate & Business Photography by Kristen Jensen
Contact Kristen at 888-278-1011
Professional headshots West Hartford CT and modeling headshots West Hartford CT are only two ways you can locate the best headshot photographer in West Hartford CT. Our studio offers affordable service at reasonable prices!

Kristen Jensen has been in the business of portrait and headshot photography for several years. Her professional modeling experience with the Ford modeling agency has served her well from a perspective of what it’s like to be on the “receiving end” of the photographer’s camera lens.

Ms. Jensen’s years of experience as a professional headshot photographer clearly shows in her work! She is one of the best portrait photographers in the Farmington River Valley, Hartford County CT, and has many satisfied clients all throughout the state of Connecticut.

Any West Hartford headshot photographer worth their salt, usually belongs to a professional photographers association like The Connecticut Professional Photographers Association (CTPPA) and the local chamber of commerce.

Having the perfect portrait or headshot is paramount to getting the interview and or corporate job position you really want.

Portrait photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing a person’s likeness, particularly their face. Need headshots West Hartford CT? Posing is an important aspect of portrait photography. In order to capture these photographs, the subjects will usually need to pose, or sit in a specific way.

Many portrait photographers travel to events such as weddings or picture days at schools. Portrait photographers must keep organized in their bookings and have all of the photography equipment they need to produce good quality finished portraits.

Customers are paying for the end result of the portrait and not the time the photographer must take to get the finished picture, so photographers must use their time wisely.

Time is not a renewable resource, that’s why you should consider the services of model headshots West Hartford CT and acting headshots West Hartford CT for an audition. For example, a portrait/headshot photographer may choose to develop his or her own film or send it out for developing depending on which option costs less and results in a better finished portrait.

I know reading about having film developed may seem a bit antiquated but 35mm color and black and white film is making a comeback

Even in this age of high resolution, high-pixel digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR), many cutting edge headshot photographers are currently experimenting with film, as 35mm film allows for more freedom, originality and special effects than digital cameras do.

Kristen Jensen Photography, LLC
West Hartford, CT 06107

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Thank you for reading this video description on headshots West Hartford CT and LinkedIn headshots West Hartford CT before deciding on which portrait studio to go with for your headshot package.
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Vineyard Weddings CT – CT Wineries for Weddings & Events – Reviews

Vineyard Weddings CT – CT Wineries for Weddings & Events – Reviews
Vineyard weddings in CT, and wineries in CT for wedding ceremonies offer Connecticut residents affordable wedding reception packages at reasonable prices. Having a CT vineyard wedding is special and unique.

Most of the local vineyards provide unique wedding venues to host your ceremonies, receptions or corporate events. Believe it or not, the The Nutmeg State, A.K.A., Connecticut, boasts some of the finest venues for vineyard wedding receptions in CT.

Looking for a quaint, country style wedding venue that also hosts vineyard weddings in CT?

Our facility has you and your wedding party covered, so considering other small, rustic or unique wineries for wedding venues in Litchfield County CT may be a waste of your valuable time! Our new state of the art wedding event facility and winery is nestled in a beautiful, countrified equestrian setting, but still easily accessible from many scenic CT highways.

How awesome would it be to celebrate your wedding ceremony and reception at a wine vineyard in Connecticut?

For more helpful information on vineyards in CT for weddings go to the following link:

What is a Connecticut Winery?

A winery is a place where wine is produced: it’s where the grapes are processed, stems and leaves removed, and fruit crushed. The grape juice is fermented and aged for a set period of time then bottled before being shipped out for distribution.

Take a nice Sunday drive and see why we boast some of the best wine tasting in CT! It doesn’t matter if you’re into Barbera, Burgundy, Carménère, Chianti, Grenache, Moscato, Petite Sirah, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Gamay, Grüner Veltliner, Malbec, Pinot Grigio, Gris, Rosé, Syrah & Shiraz, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Rioja, pr all the sparkling wines… If you love wine and the social life surrounding it, you’re hooked and there’s no escaping it!

A winery is basically where every part of the process of creating wines takes place once the grapes have finished growing and have been harvested. As explained above, though, a winery is not the same as a vineyard.

It’s very common for vineyards and wineries to be at the same location and managed by the same people, but there are many cases where they are separated.

There are quite a few small, family-owned vineyards in the world which can’t afford to own and run their own wineries, so they ship out their grapes to larger wineries for processing.

There are wineries which specialize solely in producing wine from grapes sent to them from smaller vineyards and there are wineries which create wines from both their own grapes and grapes sent to them by others.

To learn more about hosting your wedding at a winery check out the winery wedding guide

Call us today for a free pre-wedding consultation or special event so you can make your special day, that much more special.

For more content and insight on professional vineyard growers and wine tasting locations, head over to this website:
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Headshot Photographer NYC – Best Headshot Photographers NYC – Kristen Jensen Photography

Headshot Photographer NYC – Best Headshot Photographers NYC – Kristen Jensen Photography
Looking for the services of headshot photographers NYC? Contact Kristen Jensen @ (917) 971-6684 or Toll Free at (888) 278-1011

Kristen Jensen Photography, LLC has been in the business of portrait and headshot photographic work for quite a few years. Although Kristen’s prices are not inexpensive, they are still very affordable and reasonable, considering the value and quality of work all our clients receive.

Ms. Jensen is a New York headshot photographer. She specializes in advertising, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, corporate and commercial projects that require advanced portrait photography techniques.

Please be sure to check our company on the internet, by searching for the term headshot photographers NYC reviews. There you will find only the best online testimonials displayed in New York City.

As a former Ford model and actress, Kristen has been seen through the camera lenses of many well respected and highly regarded modeling and fashion photographers throughout Europe, and all over the world.

Speaking of camera lenses, nothing is more disturbing than a near-dynamic headshot that fails simply because of lens distortion.

Headshot Tip for using the correct headshot lens:

Generally, avoid mid to wide angle lenses for close headshots. Instead, use a lens that will compress your image and slim your subjects face, typically 90mm lens focal length and above.

Quoted from Kristen’s LinkedIn profile:

“A charismatic, accomplished Image Strategist, Photographer and Videographer who brings a modern style to all her assignments. Focused, innovative, up-beat, an articulate communicator and spokeswoman, Kristen has exceptional interpersonal skills; this goal- oriented team player will be an asset to any forward thinking organization seeking fresh ideas and a stylish approach.”

Ms. Jensen eats, breaths and sleeps headshot photography. Kristen possesses the natural instincts and feelings necessary which bring her to that special moment, when in the blink of an eye, she captures the perfect headshot image for her client.

Many NYC headshot photographers say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In the case of business people seeking the professional talent of top headshot photographers NYC, it may be more like ten-thousand words per digital headshot!

When it comes to your professional business or corporate online image, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. As a business executive in the fast-paced corporate world, you know in your heart to be really successful, that you need to be the innovator, the leader, and the go-to person.

Headshot photography NYC is one critical piece of many professionals’ public relations packets. A dynamic headshot for models, actors, and other performance professionals will be the difference between adding to their the careers or not.

Frequently, first impressions are formed in a split second. It is crucial you contract with and hire only the best headshot photographers in NYC to complete your photo shoot, while fostering portfolio development and public relations enhancement.

Now your clients can be no more excited than if they get a gig based on the power of their headshot, and of course, this means more interviews, opportunities, networking and jobs for you.

The ultimate goal of any headshot photographers New York is to get the client to lower their level of inhibition and just be themselves. Kristen Jensen’s lifetime of experience as a fashion model helps her in assisting her new clients to feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

Let’s face it, the best shots you ever see of people whether it be sporting events or weddings is when the subject doesn’t even know they are being photographed! The worst thing a New York headshot photographer can do, is try to direct the client. You never want to tell them to “smile now”, or “look serious”. Once people feel the are being guided or puppetized, they will act exactly the same way, as it will show in their facial expressions, and in the final photos.

It takes years of on-the-job experience, an advanced knowledge of photography and lighting, and a certain human element that only a handful of headshot photographers can use to their client’s advantage. Because of her varied life and career experiences, Kristen Jensen owns all of them!

Don’t forget to look for online testimonials for Ms. Jensen by searching for, headshot photographers NYC reviews, you’ll be very happy that you did!

Kristen Jensen Photography
New York, NY 10012

Phone:(917) 971-6684

Toll Free at (888) 278-1011

Website and Blog:




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Headshots NYC – Professional Headshots NYC – Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC

Headshots NYC – Professional Headshots NYC – Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
Call Kristen Today! 917-971-6684 or Toll Free at 888-278-1011

If you need NYC headshots for your professional, corporate, business, acting, modeling or business career, you have come to the right place!

Veteran photographer and retired Ford super model, Kristen Jensen, will capture your digital image and persona like no one else in the New York City portrait-headshot industry!

The greater New York City Metropolitan area is thriving with savvy business executives, high profile models and theatrical acting stars. Professional photos NYC should be taken with care and concentration. Ms.Jensen knows full well from her years of professional modeling and acting, that these individuals are very interested in continually promoting and re-branding their careers in the NYC area.

New York State business professionals, CEOS and CFOS who possess senior managerial responsibility in New York City business organizations, know the value and importance of a polished headshot. Headshots NYC prices are based on the package you select and how many poses you desire! It can mean the difference between a position of notoriety and security or the lack of a much needed promotion.

Anyone who wants access to affordable headshots NYC, knows very well that seasoned headshot experts like Kristen Jensen also belong to professional organizations similar to the APHP, also know as The Association of Professional Headshot Photographers.

About the APHP:
For as long as there have been headshots, there have been headshot professionals. Usually working alone, acquiring expertise and knowledge slowly, keeping it to themselves. But a few years ago a group of us began to share our experiences, good and bad.

We made a community where there had only been sole-practitioners, and found that we had similar ideas about what could improve the industry for photographers, actors, agents and drama schools.

Over time these ideas coalesced via conversations, meetings and plans, as 14 founding professionals, joined by many more established photographers, built a new association, geared towards improving everything about headshots in the industry.

Just as the Casting Directors Guild or the PMA have brought standardization, ethical norms, good practice and better communication to their fields of expertise, so will the APHP.

Kristen’s past, present and future clients rest easy knowing she is constantly up to date with the latest photographic trends, technology and special effects via ongoing education and networking deep inside various professional headshot organizations.

Your self portrait, and way you position yourself in the job market is critical during an interview session or corporate staff meeting. LinkedIn headshots NYC is another avenue a New York super achiever can take advantage of to further his or her advancement for upper level employment.

The following was curated from Bender Consulting Services.

“Many people believe that the only way they are known to a prospective employer is by the interview itself, and the references provided during the interviewing process — False.

So often, an employer will ask other employees if they know a prospective hire, or they will confidentially call a friend from the prospective hire’s current or prior place of employment. These “behind the scenes” references are often what determines a resultant offer or rejection letter.

Once you enter the workforce, you immediately begin painting a self-portrait every day, by your behavior and performance in the office, or in the field. Do you think corporate headshots NYC would add to or improve your idea of a self-portrait? You bet it would!

Your overall job performance, attitude and deliberate well planned actions, constitute small paint strokes every day of your work life, and in the end, a self-portrait is produced for the business community to view. Your self-portrait and actor headshots NYC determines your reputation in the industry.”

When you’re ready to “pull the trigger” for your expert shoot with Kristen Jensen, please contact her below or on Kristen’s social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Kristen Jensen:

Ms. Jensen’s Headshot and Portrait Page:


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Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
New York City, NY and Fairfield County CT

Visit our channel:

Thank you for considering the services of headshots NYC, professional headshots NYC and team Kristen Jensen for your next photo shoot.
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Professional Headshots Westport CT – Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen Productions

Professional Headshots Westport CT – Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen Productions
Professional headshots Westport CT and headshots Westport CT are both available by a scheduled appointment. Kristen Jensen Photography, LLC has been in the business of portrait and headshot photography for many years.

What is Headshot Photography Westport CT?

A headshot is a photograph of a person’s head and shoulders, with an emphasis on the person’s face. Some headshots – called three-quarter shots – include as much as ¾ of the person’s body. Actors and models most frequently need headshots.

However, other professionals from star athletes to business owners sometimes need a photograph designed to market their personality. Sometimes headshots appear on business cards or are included with a professional resume.

Headshot photo sessions usually are held in the photographer’s studio, but can also be at a location of the client’s choice.
Acting headshots Westport CT can be done in sepia, black and white or very high definition color.

For example, business headshots might be shot at a corporate meeting or conference. It is important to define your need and the specific use for the headshot to make sure the portrait meets your requirements. Modeling, acting, and professional headshots all have different looks.

If you want professionally done headshots at an affordable and reasonable price for your corporate, business, acting or modeling career then Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC is the photographer of choice in the greater Westport Connecticut area. We can also shoot headshots for your LinkedIn profile if need be.

Our production studio offers many types of headshot packages for the Westport CT professional or business executive.

Please give us a call today at (917) 971-6684 or visit our website at

Thank you for considering the services of business headshots Westport CT and corporate headshots Westport CT to enhance and bolster your professional image throughout corporate America.
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An Interview with Kristen Jensen

An Interview with Kristen Jensen
Kristen Jensen has successfully navigated the transition from working as a supermodel and actress with the world-famous Ford Modeling agency to becoming a highly sought after “Lifestyle” photographer sponsored by Panasonic.

In this interview Frederick and Kristen talk about her modeling past and her photographer present. To learn more about Kristen and to check out her work, please visit her website at
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Outdoor Wood Furnaces CT – Installation Contractors – Affordable Prices

Outdoor Wood Furnaces CT – Installation Contractors – Affordable Prices
Outdoor Wood Furnaces CT
Only hire the best outdoor wood burning furnace dealers in CT.

Looking for reliable and trusted outdoor wood furnace installers in CT? Owner Dean Florio performs new installations, cleanings, maintenance, tune-ups and repairs on all his wood burning furnaces in Connecticut.

Enviro Pool & Home Solutions LLC conveniently located in Litchfield County will give you just that. Our CT wood furnace installation service is fully licensed and insured in the state of Connecticut. Please see our online reviews, pricing and warranty information at our website.

We are proud to offer our customers throughout Northwest Connecticut and Eastern New York state an inexpensive and effective way to heat your home or pool using natural wood.
Dean Florio has been Connecticut’s Outdoor Wood Furnace Dealer for over 25 years and is still going strong!

We now carry Hawken Energy Wood Burning Outdoor Furnaces, a heating solution for your home or pool in spite of the elements.

We are Connecticut’s Premier Outdoor Wood Furnace Dealer. The cost of outdoor furnaces CT can vary depending on your homes estimated heat loss calculation and overall energy efficiency.

Enviro Pool & Home Solutions, located in Morris Connecticut, is Connecticut’s Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnace Dealer. Outdoor wood furnaces Fairfield County CT. Hawken Energy creates superior quality outdoor wood furnaces with top of the line parts while offering competitive prices.

About Enviro Pool & Home Solutions, LLC
Dean Florio, Founder & Owner

Dean Florio is the owner and operator Enviro Pool & Home Solutions. He draws upon a wealth of experience in the swimming pool industry. Outdoor wood furnaces Hartford County CT. He has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He works closely with the equipment manufacturers to ensure low prices and great warranty service for his customers. Outdoor wood furnaces Eastern NY. Dean’s specialties include swimming pool service and solar heating solutions for outdoor pools. He has worked in in all aspects of the industry and draws from his experiences.

He has served on the board of directors for CONSPA (Connecticut Pool & Spa Association) and he is an APSP Certified technician, Certified Stain Specialist and Certified Startup Specialist by the National Plaster Council. He is also licensed in the state of Connecticut with a SP1 and ST1 license and a Home Improvement Contractor’s license.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces are the All-Natural Way to Heat your Home or Pool!

Contact Dean for a Free Estimate Today!

Enviro Pool & Home Solutions, LLC
PO Box 406
Morris, CT 06763
Phone: (860) 567-1228

Like Us and Share Us on Facebook:

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Look for us on YP:

Our Connecticut and New York Licensing Information
Fully Licensed and Insured:

HIC: 0602724
SP1: 0282957
ST1: 0401220

SP-1 Limited Spa and Pool Contractor

The holder of this license may perform all plumbing, heating and electrical work necessary to service, modify or repair any swimming pool, hot tub, spa or similar recreational or therapeutic equipment, where such work commences at an outlet, receptacle, connection, back flow preventor, or fuel supply pipe previously installed by a person holding the proper license.

The requirements to qualify for this license exam shall be two (2) years as a properly licensed journeyman or equivalent experience and training.Outdoor wood furnaces Eastern New York. We are a registered and licensed ST-1 SOLAR THERMAL CONTRACTOR in the states of New York and Connecticut.

The holder of this license may perform only work on solar thermal work systems. “Solar thermal work” means the installation, erection, repair, replacement, alteration, or maintenance of active, passive and hybrid solar systems that directly convert ambient energy into heat or convey, store or distribute such ambient energy.

The requirements to qualify for this license examination shall be two years as a solar journey person or equivalent experience and training.

Read more on selecting the best wood furnace companies in CT at The Forestry Forum

Here’s a fantastic YouTube video on Hawken Energy’s story and how they came from humble beginnings back in 2004.

More technical information for readers on Hawken Energy’s Afterburner™ Technology Outdoor Wood Furnaces

See what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is saying in 2016 about Performance Standards for residential and commercial wood furnaces for sale in CT.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces CT – Installation Contractors – Affordable Prices
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Talking Business Cards | Video eCard Prices | Kristen Jensen

Talking Business Cards | Video eCard Prices | Kristen Jensen
Need a new, cutting-edge talking video business card to get your name out there?
Want to make an awesome first impression when meeting other business professionals and corporate executives?

Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC will create a custom and personalized talking business card that will bring your old and outdated ordinary business card to life like no other!

Business associates and customers will be blown away when they view your new talking business card on their iPhone, Android, Smart Watch, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Live Portrait app by Digital Yearbook Page Inc. is one application that can be used to bring your old business card into the 21st century’s high-tech arena. Live Portrait is simply a creative enhancement to the industry that is sure to grow your business opportunities.

The cost of talking business cards by is very reasonable and affordable considering the high quality video they will eventually display on your cell phone or other smart device.

What is a talking business card also know as a TBC?

A talking business card is a high-tech, state of the art 2-dimensional business card solution for business executives and legal professionals who want their message broadcast in digital video while creating a rock-solid introduction. Now your old elevator speech or pitch can be seen and heard all over the world, 24 hours a day seven days a week on auto-pilot.

It’s like having a mini-marketing assistant who never sleeps. A talking business card is a combination of still digital images, B-roll footage and video which introduces yourself in a short audio-video introduction.

Your true personality will shine through and prospective clients and customers alike will already “know who you are” prior to the actual in-person meeting. This is only one advantage of marketing yourself via cutting edge digital video combined with old style business card stock.

As soon as your TBC order is completed, embedding in your email or on your blog, corporate website, is simple. The possibilities to market your new video business cards are endless. Sharing on all your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious and LinkedIn is a breeze!

Another great idea is to email your existing contact list with your new TBC hyperlink.

Once the TBC has played, the viewer will have the option of adding you as a contact or calling you, (if they are viewing it on their phone), or sending you an email, visiting your website or replaying your TBC all with the click of a button!

Keep your video business card short and sweet. You are NOT looking to provide too much information and lose people like a boring commercial would. This platform should be a very short and succinct presentation, targeting a prospective customer with whom you want to become acquainted with BEFORE actually meeting in person.

Learn more about Ms. Jensen’s eCard business cards that come “alive” here:

Connect and build instant rapport like never before with your own customized talking business card created by Kristen Jensen Productions. Individuals in the service industries, finance, medicine, legal or real estate will almost have an unfair advantage now residing in their arsenal of marketing tools.

Related website for more information on hybrid photography and the production of talking business cards.

Related blog on talking business cards:
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Siding Contractors Eastern CT – Vinyl Installation Companies – Affordable Prices – Reviews

Siding Contractors Eastern CT – Vinyl Installation Companies – Affordable Prices – Reviews
Vinyl siding contractors in Eastern CT offer free estimates, and are state licensed, bonded and insured. The cost of vinyl siding for your commercial or residential building will be based on the total square footage of wall area and how many stories your home or office is.

Why Vinyl Siding on Your Home?

Why is vinyl siding still the #1 exterior cladding in the U.S. and Canada? Because it’s more than durable, it’s reliable. And that’s why vinyl siding manufacturers back their products with straight-forward warranties — most offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner and typically carry a prorated warranty of at least 50 years to subsequent owners.

In extreme weather events (all certified vinyl siding is tested to withstand winds of 110 mph, and most achieve a wind rating higher than that) including climate change — vinyl siding will withstand the hottest summers and sub-zero winters

Against color fade, because certified products come with another level of assurance when certified for color retention (and there are hundreds to choose from)

Against rot and decay, because polymer-based sidings do not absorb water and their rain-screening design does not trap water behind the siding — whereas fiber-based products may disintegrate over time when moisture penetrates the plank.
Siding contractors Stonington CT are now taking on new work in the Stonington area and Eastern CT shore. We make vinyl siding more energy efficient when you choose insulated siding, because it blankets your home in continuous insulation which fight heat loss through the framing lumber such as wall studs, jacks, headers and sole plates.

Our installers are experienced, well trained and courteous for your peace of mind. If you are looking to increase your property value or just want to add a new look to your residence, siding companies in Eastern CT has you covered from start to finish.

Our vinyl siding installation prices are reasonable and cover labor, materials, liability and workman’s compensation insurance, remodeling/home improvement/building permit, job site cleanup and all pertinent construction debris removal from your house or commercial building project in Eastern CT.

Our team of vinyl siding installation experts always make sure the job is done right the first time! There are many types, colors and styles of vinyl siding Eastern CT to choose from. We have double 4 inch, double 5 inch exposure, simulated wood shakes for Cape Cod and salt box style homes. Siding contractors Norwich CT and siding contractors New London CT are two more areas we service in the state. The options are numerous and our field representative will be more than happy to bring all the samples you need to our preliminary contract meeting.

Renovation work and remodeling the outside of your dwelling is second nature to us.
Although we like to think we are the best siding contractor in Eastern CT we know there are many other good companies out there installing vinyl siding on homes in the Eastern half of Connecticut.

Give a call anytime for a free no-obligation vinyl siding estimate for your condominium complex or simple one-level 40 foot ranch home.


Vinyl siding contractors Groton CT and siding contractors Old Lyme CT are offering Connecticut shoreline residents a new customer discount of 10% off our already low prices. Call today for a free written estimate and site evaluation.
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Foundation Contractors Westchester NY – Concrete Companies – Reviews

Foundation Contractors Westchester NY – Concrete Companies – Reviews
Concrete contractors in Westchester County NY offer free estimates and are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Our work is second to none and our prices are very affordable.

The cost of foundation contractors in Westchester NY will fluctuate depending on the area of the residential home or commercial building being constructed. Westchester NY foundation companies are gearing up for the 2016 residential construction and home building season.

Our professional poured concrete foundation installers cover most areas of Westchester County including Larchmont, Rye, White Plains, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Dobbs-Ferry, Peekskill,Tarrytown, Eastchester and Yorktown.

In the area of residential construction there’s a serious issue with projects being underestimated, causing little to no profits for the building companies. Before starting the underpinning process, you would have to follow various sorts of laws and regulations for example building permits and zoning regulations.

Plan and layout creation calls for a complete knowledge of the full building procedure. It truly is devoted to encouraging the usage of concrete masonry solutions.

Water clogging on your own property is just another matter you need to be taking care of. Water seepage might cause harm to the construction resulting in money losses, besides other inconveniences. The optimal maintenance may be the preventive kind. Thus the entire jacketing procedure becomes useless in a couple of years and whether the water doesn’t come within the basement, the credit may go to good concreting as an alternative to membrane jacketing. Additional features may require work as well dependent on the quantity of damage that has happened.

Foundation contractors Larchmont NY are very busy but keeping up with all the rigorous demands Mother Nature throws their way. They’re simple to lay and easily available at all significant home improvement stores. It would likewise be convenient that you seek the services of bob cat services from the exact same contractors. Other factors, including grading, sub-bases, labor etc., build up the cost considerably.
Steel is utilized in many facets of construction. Ergo, waterproofing the concrete is vital for any building.

Concrete contractors in Westchester County NY offer free estimates and are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Our work is second to none and our prices are very affordable.

The cost of foundation contractors in Westchester County will fluctuate depending on the area of the residential home or commercial building being constructed. Westchester NY foundation companies are gearing up for the 2016 residential construction and home building season.

Our professional poured concrete foundation installers cover most areas of Westchester County including Larchmont, Rye, White Plains, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Dobbs-Ferry, Peekskill,Tarrytown, Eastchester and Yorktown.

More on poured concrete foundation work and slabs:

Concrete foundation contractors have experience of managing on-site issues on a regular basis.
The footing ought to be below the base of the brand new slab so it’s recommended to dig the region for the footer beneath the level you remove for the ground area. Ideally, all of the concrete blocks that form the pier ought to be at the similar distance from the plumb string.

In the area of residential construction there’s a serious issue with projects being underestimated, causing little to no profits for the building companies. Before starting the underpinning process, you would have to follow various sorts of laws and regulations for example building permits and zoning regulations.

A structural engineer is needed to be sure that your house can sustain the underpinning practice. The most typical reason behind removing a structure may be the planned construction of a brand new edifice within the very same location.

Plan and layout creation calls for a complete knowledge of the full building procedure. It truly is devoted to encouraging the usage of concrete masonry solutions.

You could have researched for many hours and read everything linked to underpinning a basement. You ought to consult with a professional basement firm for help.

While visiting a house the very first impression that somebody gets is of the plan and structure of the home together with the hospitality. Foundation contractors new Rochelle are some of the best concrete workers in the area. In this specific article, we’ll offer you some ideas you could try for covering your concrete floor.

Foundation Contractors Westchester NY offer great prices and professional quality foundation work at an affordable cost. Call us today for a free estimate and no-obligation site review of your property or excavated job site.
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Termite Control CT | Exterminators for Termites in CT | Affordable Prices | Reviews

Termite Control CT | Exterminators for Termites in CT | Affordable Prices | Reviews
Looking for the best termite control extermination service in CT with years of experience and an impeccable reputation?
If requested, we offer safe green, eco-friendly termite control along with free estimates and on-site structural damage evaluation for your commercial or residential property anywhere in the state of Connecticut. The cost of termite control in CT will change depending on the extent of damage and your home or commercial business’s geographic location.

Make sure when you receive your price quote and free inspection for termite extermination in CT that your pest control for termites in CT company has the proper licensing from the state DEEP.

Here’s the story on pest control for termites in CT:

There are quite a few termite barriers to help block termites from getting in your home. Once you’re positive for presence of termites within your house, contact immediately an exterminator. Not just should you learn how exactly to identify termites, it’s also wise to learn a number of the common indications of an invasion.

Subterranean termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to structures in the United States every year. While effective post-construction termite control treatments can be made, the vast majority of these treatments take place after damage has already occurred. Pre-construction preventative termite treatments allow for the application of protective products to be applied before termites strike.

Termite baits are considered among the most environmentally sound means of fighting termites. WD-40 is extremely effectual in killing termites in Bridgeport CT. If you’re looking into eliminating termites, then it might be a great thought to use termite services that focus on killing termites. Not only do termites cause expensive damage, they’re also expensive to eradicate. Although the termites are killed, but a lot of the times, they’ve done the damage.

Soil treatments are among the top ways to stop ground termites from attacking a home. Ordinary table salt is rather effective in killing all kinds of termites. These will make a chemical barrier which will repel termites.Termite control removal Stamford CT is also an area our technicians service. You might also make use of a chemical barrier in a remedial manner, by placing it in the soil in a region where termites cannot avoid it.

Removing termites from your Connecticut home may be tricky proposition, so always be sure you call an exterminator anytime you believe you may be infested.Termite control and removal Hartford CT is serious about helping the community rid itself of unwanted pests from destroying your personal property. It’s therefore recommended to observe preventative measures and put chemicals inside your wood that can help it become bitter and unappetizing to termites so you won’t wind up with a worst-case scenario of needing to manage the advanced phases of termite infestation. So it’s vital that you employ good exterminators to save your home from the damaging effects of pests.

A superb termite control company will have the ability to tell how it’s the termites got into your residence, and they’ll likewise be able to show you the very best way of eradicating them. There are several methods by which termites might be exterminated if they’re found to be infesting your house.

When termites begin to attack your home, you need do something about it. In the event that you already possess the termites within your house, then this method isn’t that effective. Exterminators for termites in CT know the seriousness of the situation when the call comes in to our office and we react quickly, sometimes being there the same day termite control CT. Thankfully termites work slowly as well as your house is not going to collapse from their damage overnight.

In the recent past, pest repellents were sometimes employed as an approach to deterring termites from getting into the household. Liquid termite cure, famously known as liquid termiticide, might be sprayed in abundant quantities around the home to repel termites from coming close to the structure. Termite control Fairfield County CT companies try very hard to keep their pest control customers happy. Our customer service department thrives on positive reviews and great customer feedback. Worker termites are often white and die easily when they’re outside the tunnel they’ve created because of an exposure to sunlight.

Termite Removal Services of CT, LLC
824 Main Street
Manchester, CT 06040

Now offering termite removal services CT and exterminators for termites in CT at low cost with free estimates and online reviews for your perusal.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Headshots Westchester NY | Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen Productions | Reviews

Headshots Westchester NY | Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen Productions | Reviews
The best headshot photographer in Westchester County NY is now scheduling new appointments and offering a free initial phone consultation. Prospective acting or modeling clients searching for affordable headshot photographers Westchester NY need not look any further than professional head shot photographer and video director, Kristen Jensen.

Primarily, portrait photography requires the facial expression of the discipline. This kind of photography is wholly about close-up images of a particular subject. Most of all, fantastic headshots in Westchester County require good photographers! The clients can receive their headshots made in one day, within an individual shoot procedure, making team headshots in Westchester County extremely convenient. There are lots of on-line websites that provide headshot photography services at an affordable cost. Another will hire an expert to produce your web page for you.

Among the most lucrative photography careers could be the genre of style photography Westchester NY. Portrait photography is now popular amongst a myriad of photography in the greater Westchester area. Family portrait photographs are absolutely common today. Headshot photography is actually a specialized kind of photography that concentrates on the face of the individual. Candid photography is about being spontaneous! But this is just a medium that provides vast alternatives for head-shot photographers.

Photojournalism is about telling a story about a certain event or incident through one photograph. The cost of a Westchester NY headshot photographer will vary depending on the headshot photo package select and proofs selected by the client. It would likewise be a great thought to personally go to the photographers studio to gather more info about the way he/she conducts his photo shoots.

This kind of photography would require the photographer to be a specialist within the technical in addition to the visual department. The photographer, within this circumstance, clicks photographs of firefighting operations. This kind of photography is helpful for investigations. Within this quick period of time, a photographer should be able to become several great shots.

Just like you’d go to an attorney to fix a legal issue or even a car mechanic to repair your automobile, you wish to visit the ideal kind of photographer for your headshots. Someone that specializes in headshot photography will really be more efficient and will normally cost you less in the future by helping you receive the proper photos the very first time.

Hope these headshot tips enable you to have a thriving photo shoot. Westchester NY headshots are a great tool to start your acting career with. When this doesn’t mean that actors don’t take good pictures, someone doing all my life using a photograph is much more possible to put their all into every shot and take the very best pictures. Reasonably priced headshots Westchester NY. Obviously, you ought to consider only those photographers that have websites in this present day and age, since it proves that they’re professional and take their work seriously.

Starting with accessories, we’ll think about a few things which might assist you along your trip in portrait headshot photography.

I am hoping that provides you with a few help in regards to having your headshots taken. Make sure to like the shots before going on. Once each of the above steps are followed, you’re definitely going to get an ideal headshot for yourself. If they don’t require a photo, they are easily able to remove it.

If you select the cheapest photographer, you’re going to wind up spending more cash in the very long run, because you must acquire re-take photos. However, a number of the couples are attempting to book photographers so far as eliminating or diminishing the budget for one more area of the wedding merely to possess the suitable Westchester NY Headshot Photographer.

Contact Details:
Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
54 Milwaukee Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
Hours Open: 9AM-9PM
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Replacement Windows CT – Installation Contractors at Affordable Cost – Reviews

Replacement Windows CT – Installation Contractors at Affordable Cost – Reviews
Do you know how to find the best window replacement CT companies to give your residential or commercial office building a new face-lift? Call today for high-quality professional work at prices that won’t rob your wallet!

Our replacement window installers CT and customer service reps are very well trained and ethical for your peace of mind!

Our company sells and install all styles of vinyl replacement windows Fairfield County CT, Danbury CT and throughout all of Connecticut including Hartford County where our experienced crews complete window replacement in cities like Bristol, Newington, Berlin, Farmington, Avon, Burlington and Southington, Connecticut.

When we install new windows CT in your home you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time and we guarantee it!

Upgrading your old inefficient double hung or casement windows in your home or office to composite Fibrex can really make a huger difference with your energy bills for heating and cooling. Our vinyl replacement windows are top quality and have a very high R-value which eliminates condensation from forming on the glass panes during the cold winter months here in Connecticut.

What is a replacement window?

A replacement window is a window that is installed in an existing window opening as replacement of the existing window. Old weather beaten windows deteriorate and become loose and drafty.
A window for new construction has a nailing fin — a rim that allows you to secure it in the rough opening of a wall. A replacement window doesn’t have a nailing fin. It’s secured in an existing window frame with fasteners that run through the window assembly, making it easier to install.

When Maddy Krauss and her husband, Paul Friedberg, first laid eyes on their 1897 Shingle-style home, they fell in love with its handcrafted turn-of-the-century construction, wide front porch, and massive entry-hall staircase. Replacement windows CT cost only as much as you are willing ti invest into the upgrade of your home. Be wise and get two or three written free estimates before making your final decision on which vinyl replacement windows company to hire for your remodeling work.

Also ask for proof of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to avoid any legal problems down the road should a worker become seriously injured or falls from a ladder on your property during the window replacement process. Vinyl replacement windows West Hartford CT. They were also delighted to find that many of the original architectural details were still intact, including wood paneling, exquisite carvings, stained-glass windows, and an ornate cast-bronze fireplace.

Courtesy of This Old House:
The windows were another story. The originals had been swapped out a decade earlier for low-quality sash kits that were drafty, ugly, and completely inappropriate for the graceful Victorian-era home, This Old House TV’s fall 2007 project in Newton, Massachusetts. The solution: Call in TOH general contractor Tom Silva and his crew to install energy-efficient replacements.

Because the existing window frames were sound and square, Tom could use insert replacement units—in this case, Andersen’s Woodwright Insert Replacement Windows, vinyl-clad wood units fitted with energy-saving, low-e insulated glass. .These fully assembled, ready-to-install windows slip right into the existing openings. When the job was done, the house had beautiful new double-hungs that looked right, worked smoothly, and gave Maddy and Paul one more thing to love about their old house. Here’s a look at how Tom made the switch, with tips for choosing and installing replacement windows.

To locate us online simply search for window replacement CT reviews or replacement windows CT cost, replacement windows New Britain, window replacement Canton CT and you will find our website or videos on Google or YouTube.

Remember, our estimates are always free and we’re always on time and on budget. Call our office right now for vinyl or composite replacement windows at a price you and your family can truly afford.
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Professional Headshots Stamford CT | Business & Corporate Photographer Kristen Jensen | Reviews

Professional Headshots Stamford CT | Business & Corporate Photographer Kristen Jensen | Reviews Are you on a quest for the best headshot photographers in Stamford CT for your LinkedIn profile or acting headshots? Well, look no further. Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC has a real gift for capturing the exact moment and facial expression that says who you really are as a Stamford, Connecticut business professional, actor or corporate executive. Kristen’s rates and prices are very affordable and the quality is second to none in the region! The cost of headshots Stamford CT will vary depending on what type of headshot package you select from the former model’s selections.

Headshot Photography 101:

A master photographer will make his or her clients feel at ease and comfortable, almost forgetting being photographed, due to his or her experience – the headshot client will feel so comfortable and at times adulated that eventually the image will portray a deep sense of the subjects personality or aura.
Another element that is important for a Stamford CT headshot photographer is having a portrait image optimized for web with additional files optimized for social media. A headshot portrait will be files that the client has full control and able to use at his or her own discretion. With the traditional portraits, the photographer would keep all the files and the files rights so they could sell fine prints.

Contact Details:
Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
54 Milwaukee Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
Hours Open: 9AM-9PM

Business headshots Stamford CT and professional headshots Stamford CT are just two simple ways of searching for Kristen’s professional portrait and headshot photography services readily available throughout the Stamford, Connecticut area. Headshot photography Stamford CT has a way of capturing the essence of their model or client in a way no other headshot photography business or studio can!
Please call today or at your earliest convenience for a free no-obligation pre-shoot assessment and brief phone consultation.
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Headshots Fairfield County CT | Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen | Reviews

Headshots Fairfield County CT | Headshot Photography by Kristen Jensen | Reviews
Headshot Photographer Fairfield County CT – Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC best reviews online

Fairfield County CT model headshot photographer Kristen Jensen offers professional headshot photography services for corporate executives, LinkedIn profiles, actors, modeling agencies, and business professionals seeking to create an exceptional first impression.

All About Headshot Photography Fairfield County Connecticut

A head-shot or headshot is a certain type of portrait, usually a photographic expression that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding or casting roles.

The eyes are said to be the window of the soul. Therefore, nothing is more important than achieving sharp, crisp eyes in your shot. Capturing the eyes in a powerful way will draw the viewer into the photo, establishing a strong connection that will speak volumes.

The final and most important element is an expression to match the purpose of the headshot. It is the job of a headshot photographer to pull out the most natural looks from your subjects. Do so by guiding them through complimenting conversation; i.e. asking serious questions to pull out a thoughtful gaze, or cracking a joke to capture a natural smile.

In close up head-shots, the skin should be the targeted feature. It’s imperative to portray the skin and eye socket area without any noticeable blemishing. Need professionally done digital headshots Stamford CT? Contact Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC right now. This is achieved by introducing diffused lighting techniques to encompass the skin, bringing definition along the facial features without highlighting blemished areas of the face. Pay very close attention to business headshots Fairfield County CT and their corresponding body language.

If model headshots Fairfield County are subconcously evasive, nervous and not looking you right in the eye, you will most likely have some confidence issues when they get in front of the camera. If they are cool, calm and relaxed, and carry themselves well, then you will probably not have too many problems. If you require professional headshots Fairfield County CT we advice you look up reviews in the area on Google+, Wedding Wire and other photography review websites.

Corporate headshots Fairfield County CT have a principle where one generally doesn’t shoot more than two people per session, and most of the time, just one client or subject per day. This is usually because our headshot photographers in Fairfield County don’t want to ever feel like their managing a headshot conveyor belt. Be very patient with your business executives or modeling subjects.

Looking for headshots Westport CT? Call Kristen Jensen Photography today! If you’re impatient, your clients will be in a rush, and the experience isn’t always as pleasurable which leads to your customers not having a positive experience to share with their associates and family members.

If you reside anywhere in Fairfield County such as Darien, Greenwich, Westport, Norwalk, Stamford, New Canaan, Faifield, Wilton, Redding or Ridgefield, Kristen Jensen Productions has you covered from A to Z when it comes to corporate or modeling headshot photography in Fairfield County.

Enjoy listening to this informative Podcast hosted by Sprouting Photographer with former super model Kristen Jensen and host/interviewer Skip Cohen. The Model’s Perspective for Photographers Episode #66: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen. Headshots Fairfield County prices are affordable for most seeking production of headshot photography packages in Fairfield County . An enlightening Podcast interview with Ford model Kristen Jensen, CEO of Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC located in Bethel, CT 06801

Kristen Jensen Photography elsewhere:

Kristen Jensen Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer on Google+:

Watch Ms. Jensen’s video production and editing work at the following video sharing sites:

Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC social networking platforms:

See Kristen visually share her photographic work, and discover new headshot photography interests by viewing pins on Pinterest along with photostream and album sharing on Flickr:

Professional Photography and Fairfield County CT Business Review Sites:

Corporate Contact Information:

Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC
54 Milwaukee Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
Hours Open: 9AM-9PM

Peruse related articles and blog posts on corporate headshot photography:
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Tree Service Southbury CT – Removal & Cutting – Best Prices & Reviews

Tree Service Southbury CT – Removal & Cutting – Best Prices & Reviews
Tree trimming companies in Southbury CT and affordable tree pruning contractors Bridgewater CT offer low cost tree care solutions to correct your tree problems in Southbury Connecticut.

Need tree cabling service to reinforce and support an older tree? Southbury tree cutting provides customers with free estimates and certificate of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance coverage. The cost to remove a tree in Southbury will vary depending on the size of the tree and if it’s hard wood like ash or red oak, or soft wood and coniferous, such as Blue Spruce, Eastern white pine or larch.

Short notice tree pruning and tree care scenarios started by unpredictable and inclement weather, require experienced tree removal in Southbury Connecticut to come in and do the job right the first time. Concerned about conserving your preferred Douglas fir?

Do not be concerned, we will do our absolute finest to nurse your injured tree or large hedge back to life through the application of correct fertilization, pruning,bracing and cabling if required to be.

Trying to find a top-notch affordable tree service in Southbury with several years of cutting, pruning and trimming experience? In the beginning, the preliminary cost to get rid of your sick tree or bush may appear a bit on the high side, however you generally get exactly what you pay for as with anything else in life.

You will receive professional help combined with well trained and informed tree specialists. Residential and commercial tree pruning in Southbury and Bridgewater CT should only be finished by a certified and insured tree surgeon or arborist that has years of on the job training integrated with an official education in arboristic studies or the study of tree cutting.

When working with or contracting for a trusted tree service in Southbury, think about the following parameters: the rate at which your tree company will charge you for their pruning services and how much liability insurance coverage they offer along with workers payment coverage for the workers.We can’t stress enough the importance of making all your written agreement payments for your tree pruning work to your arborist by check, postal cash order or on credit.

These approaches of payment will certainly insure you have composed evidence of all payments to your tree company and that the service is taken care of completely. Tree cutting in Southbury specialists try to do the very best they can to make certain each and every job goes efficiently and comes off without a hitch. Nevertheless, we are all human.

Errors and mishaps are just a part of life so we all need to be prepared for them when they unfortunately happen. As previously mentioned in the above paragraph, it is critical to ask and after that get a written copy of your Southbury tree trimmer’s insurance coverage. Ensure the date on the certificate is relevant, current and activated. You may even wish to call their insurance agent to verify the policy is present and the coverage is in effect.

The following are numerous reasons you might have to have a tree or trees cut back and gotten rid of from your house: Some fundamental signs of tree illness or root system failure are dead or dying limbs and branches, peeling bark with possible insect invasion underneath, bad foliage production throughout the spring and summertime and early release of leaves from your tree in the early weeks of fall.

The time might have sown up where you need to seriously take a look at having your jeopardized tree took a look at by an expert tree surgeon in Southbury, CT. The cost of tree removal might seem costly but when you consider the alternative of an accident or your whole tree falling on the roof of your house, it might appear worth every penny you spend with your regional arborist.

The cost of tree removal may seem pricey however when you consider the alternative of a mishap or your entire tree landing on the roof of your home, it might seem worth every penny you invest with your local arborist. Dealing with insurance coverage asserts adjusters can be laborious work and you really have to stay your wits about you and numerous insurance companies are trying to pay out as little as possible on your tree removal claim and matching damage to your home or commercial building.

A seasoned tree service in Southbury CT will surely know the best ways to take control of your insurance coverage agent and will certainly assist you get the best negotiated deal possible from companies like Geico and others based upon the amount of damage to your home or garage.

Thank you for looking into Southbury tree removal as one of the very best tree cutting companies around. Call today or visit us online at your earliest chance. Southbury CT tree removal and Southbury CT tree cutting rocks!
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DUI Lawyer Charleston WV | Free Consultation

DUI Lawyer Charleston WV | Free Consultation
Are you looking for DUI DWI Lawyer Cost or DUI DWI Attorney Cost in Charleston WV? Call us now at 304-844-9970 for a free consultation. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drunk driving, DUI or DWI we can help. We are an experienced criminal defense local law firm of DUI lawyers and attorneys whose law firm handles DUI / DWI and other criminal defense cases in Charleston WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, Institute WV, and all surrounding areas in West Virginia. Are you looking for DUI DWI Lawyer Cost or DUI DWI Attorney Cost in Charleston WV? Call us now at 304-844-9970 for a free consultation.
More Information about DUI Lawyer Cost Charleston WV:
Charleston DUI / DWI Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in … DUI / DWI West Virginia
Results 1 – 16 of 16 – Charleston, WV DUI / DWI lawyers with detailed profiles and recommendations. Find your Charleston, WV DUI / DWI Attorney or Law Firm. … Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer …

How to Fight to Beat A DUI/DWI in West Virginia and What to do to for ……
If you have been arrested for a DUI arrest charge in West Virginia, you are probably worried about what will … to fight a second West Virginia DUI charge with a skilled attorney from your area before making any decisions …. South Charleston

West Virginia DUI Attorneys – Find Specialized DUI Lawyers |…
The Unofficial Guide to the DMV
Find a West Virginia DUI Attorney to help settle your DUI case. … Hiring a DUI attorney can help you to reduce your charges and minimize the costs … Charleston.

Best DUI Lawyer in Charleston WV 25324…
Best DUI Lawyer Charleston WV 25324 in West Virginia … A DUI attorney’s fees are usually more compared to a regular legal representative, but you’re attaining …

Charleston WV DWI Attorney :: Charleston, WV DUI Lawyer …
Charleston WV DUI Attorneys | Charleston
Charleston Attorney Criminal Law | 304-844-9970 – YouTube
? 1:33

Apr 29, 2016 – Uploaded by USA Legal Help
If you or a loved one has been charged with a drunk driving, DUI or DWI we can help. … Comprehensive …

Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston WV | 304-844-9970 – YouTube
? 1:42

Apr 30, 2016 – Uploaded by USA Legal Help
We are an experienced criminal defense local law firm of DUI lawyers and attorneys whose law …

Criminal defense lawyer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A criminal defense lawyer, is a lawyer (mostly barristers) specializing in the defense of … in a niche within criminal defense such as drug defense or DUI defense. … a criminal charge that has not been levied or verified by an attorney or judge.
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Attorney’s fee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia’s_fee
Attorney’s fee is a chiefly United States term for compensation for legal services performed by an attorney (lawyer or law firm) for a client, in or out of court. It may …
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Personal injury lawyer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who claim to …. In some cases, personal injury lawyers charge a flat fee, w


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YouTube Channel:

Are you looking for DUI DWI Lawyer Cost or DUI DWI Attorney Cost in Charleston WV? Call us now at 304-844-9970 for a free consultation.
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Well Drilling CT – Well Drillers CT – Companies & Services Offer Affordable Rates & Reviews

Well Drilling CT – Well Drillers CT – Companies & Services Offer Affordable Rates & Reviews
Best Artesian Well Drilling CT – Contractors and Water Well Drillers in CT – Great Prices & Online Reviews

Are you looking for one of the best cable tool artesian or rotary percussion well companies in Connecticut? Well look nor further! We are here to assist you with all your well drilling needs and provide an superbly pounded artesian well at a price you can truly afford.

Well drilling costs CT can vary based on the methods utilized by the well drilling company you decide to contract for the job.

Learn more about various water well drilling CT methods in this very informative PDF document:

Our CT well drilling company is state licensed and fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.

National Groundwater Association stays in the lead as one of the most active associations in dealing with well drilling for drought stricken areas of the United States and the world.

There are over 344,000 private artesian and shallow dug water wells that currently supply over 850,000 Connecticut residents with their potable drinking water.If you are in need of a new submersible well pump or are building a new home or commercial office building and wish to learn more about the procedures involved when hiring a well drilling CT company contact the Department of Public Health in Hartford or go to this website:

The following information on well drillers CT and Connecticut well drilling services was extracted from ehow dot com’s website here:

Written by: John Mack Freeman

Origins of Well Drilling Contractors in CT

The first successfully drilled well in the United States occurred in 1808 by the Ruffner Brothers at Great Buffalo Lick near Charleston, West Virginia. It was drilled for the brine water that existed below the mire and quicksand that sat on the surface.

Important Figures

The first professional water driller was Levi Disbrow. In 1823, he came from the salt industry in the areas surrounding West Virginia and Ohio to move to the north of the Potomac River to become the first professional water well driller. Another important figure is Edwin L. Drake. In 1859, Edwin L. Drake became the first American to use a pipe to separate water from other materials being drilled for to stop contamination. Drake was searching for oil and eventually became the first American to drill successfully for oil.

Power Sources for Well Drilling in CT

The power sources of well drilling changed greatly over time. Initially, all wells were manually dug or drilled. The first wells to be powered by an outside source were powered by horses that walked on a circular track. In the 1890s, steam power began being used in all water well drilling platforms and remained the primary power source for the next 50 years until the invention of the internal combustion engine. When the internal combustion engine was applied to water well drilling, it made tools portable and more energy efficient in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Developed in the 1820s and 1830s, augur boring machines began to be patented. These machines are used to cut through soil and rock. They allowed for wells to be drilled deeper and to provide water without the risk of contaminants into basic pipes made out of early forms of steel or wood. In 1870, cable tool rigs came to the forefront of well drilling technology. These used an 8-to-10-foot Samson post connected to a walking beam and a center pivot, which moved freely to drill. In 1884, a standardization occurred in cable tool rigs, specifying their exact dimensions. 1908 saw the introduction of the roller cone bit for rotary drilling. Well drilling was platform-based until the advent of portable tools in the 1940s, with the introduction of internalized power sources, giving water well drilling the tools it currently uses.

Geography of Artesian Well Drillers in CT and New England

Water well drilling CT was invented in the United States. Ruffner’s first well was drilled in West Virginia. This led to further drilling of water wells with the intention for salt in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio region throughout the early 1800s. The first freshwater well was drilled in New Jersey in the mid 1800s. From there, water well drilling practices spread outward, primarily focusing on areas that became hotbeds of new oil drilling, such as Texas and Louisiana, until water well drilling technology became ubiquitous across the United States and the world.

Read all about rotary well drilling PCD (polycrystalline diamond) well drilling bits for rigs right there:

Well Drilling CT, CT well drillers and well drilling CT prices are three ways of locating our well drilling business on the Internet.
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Bed Bug Exterminators in CT – Affordable Treatment – Reviews & Best Service & Prices

Bed Bug Exterminators in CT – Affordable Treatment – Reviews & Best Service & Prices
Looking for a low cost, reasonably priced, inexpensive bed bug extermination removal service in Connecticut? Well today is your lucky day! We also offer non-toxic eco-friendly treatments and provide free estimates in writing for your family’s peace of mind!

Our CT bed bug exterminators offer same day, 24 hour emergency service to your residence or commercial property anywhere in the state. Our team of bed bug removal and eradication technicians go the extra mile to make sure your home, office or commercial motel or hotel is bed bug free 24-7! We guarantee it!

Bed bug treatment CT and bed bug removal CT are two ways to locate us on the Internet.

Why are bed bugs so bad for your health? An article in Scientific American magazine may have the answer.

Contrary to their name, bedbugs do not only hang out in beds. They can be found in just about in nook and cranny and can survive for several months without a warm blood meal.Bed bug exterminators Fairfield County CT are now in full swing for the 2016 bed bug removal season here in Southern Connecticut and all throughout the Nutmeg State. We service all towns in Fairfield County including Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury, Westport, Darien, Redding, Bridgeport, New Canaan, Norwalk, Fairfield and CT bed bug exterminators in Newtown and Ridgefield CT.The adults are reddish-brown, as about 0.2 inch (five millimeters) long, roughly the height of the numbers on a credit card, and resemble tiny cockroaches; when young, they’re pale and about the size of a pinhead. They leave itchy red skin welts and cause endless grief for their victims.

So what’s the story on these pesky ectoparasites? Is there any surefire way to avoid them—or to get rid of them if they grace you with their vampiric presence?

What are bedbugs?

The common bedbug is Cimex lectularius. They are true bugs of the order Hemiptera in that they possess a hinged beak in the front of the head and have a stylet. Bed bug exterminators New haven County CT are also busy getting rid of our Latin named Cimex lectularius in New Haven CT also. The stylet is what is pushed through the skin to find a blood vessel inside. The bug sucks until it’s full, and when it’s finished it will go and hide and digest the blood. The body swells up to six times its normal size—from a flat insect to football-shaped.

Is there really a need to worry so much when you can hire the best bed bug exterminator in CT or one of the most respected and sought after bed bug removal companies in CT? Of course not as reviewed in another article from Joel Stein on bad behavior of bed bugs.

We were once a nation deathly afraid of statistically improbable but powerful things: witches, communism, Mexicans taking our jobs. Now we are freaked out about bedbugs, 4-mm-long insects that previous generations made up cute rhymes about.Commercial bed bug exterminators in CT and commercial bed bug removal service in Connecticut would like to thank author Joel Stein for contributing to this video description on CT bed bug removal service in CT! In August, 20% of Americans said they changed their plans to go to a public place for fear of bedbug infestations, even though only 9% knew someone—themselves included—who had been infested.Bed bug exterminators Hartford CT and bed bug exterminators Hartford County CT love the pest control business.
And though there are no statistics on this yet, from what I gather on the Internet, it sure seems more Americans are having hotel sex standing up.

Well there you have it. Bed bug exterminators Waterbury CT and bed bug treatment Waterbury CT are two more sure fire ways to get rid of your bed bug problem in the greater Waterbury area. If we haven’t scared you by now you’ll never be afraid of bed bugs which according to the above cited information is not as big of a problem as once thought by pest control and bed bug extermination experts working tirelessly at the EPA and the World Health Organization.

Contact CT Bed Bug Exterminators, Inc. today for a free no obligation estimate for your residential or commercial property in Connecticut. For more detailed information on bed bugs and bed bug treatment services in CT go to the Entomological Society of America or the CDC Centers for Disease Control(CDC) website.

Thank you.
CT Bed Bug Exterminators
CT Bed Bug Treatment Service
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Flea Exterminators in CT – Affordable Prices – Best Service and Reviews

Flea Exterminators in CT – Affordable Prices – Best Service and Reviews
Looking for same day low cost CT flea extermination services backed by decades of insect and flea elimination experience?
Well look no further!
All of our companies’ CT flea exterminators are technicians are professionally trained in safe and environmentally safe flea extermination practices, and Connecticut licensed and fully insured for you peace of mind.

We offer both commercial flea extermination and residential flea removal services all throughout the state of Connecticut and especially flea eradication and flea exterminators in Fairfield County CT.

We cover flea removal CT and provide expert and state certified extermination services in Stamford CT, and flea removal service in Greenwich CT and flea exterminators Norwalk CT.

Definition of Fleas and Flea Extermination in CT:

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of any warm-blooded body. The most common species is the cat flea, which often feasts on cats, dogs and humans.

Siphonaptera is the scientific name for a flea. Fleas can live for about 100 days during which time the females produce 400-500 offspring. Fleas transport themselves on rodents and other mammals, and usually remain on their hosts at all times. These pests use their powerful legs to jump as high as 8″ vertically, which is 150 times their own height. If humans could do this, we would be able to leap over skyscrapers.

Very Worriesome Health Threats Posed by Fleas and Flea infestations in the state of Connecticut.

Fleas are the most common transmitter of the rare bubonic plague. They also transmit the bacterial disease murine typhus to humans through infected rats. Green environmentally friendly pest control for fleas in CT. Flea extermination service CT. Their saliva can cause serious flea allergy dermatitis in pets and their debris has been reported to cause similar allergic reactions in humans.

Eco-friendly flea exterminators in CT can be non-toxic option and usually free of hazardous chemicals that may have a long lasting residual effect on your home or dwelling in Connecticut. Most fleas in CT have six legs, antennae and are an average size of 1/12 to 1/6 of an inch in length and bite like little blood sucking parasitic vampires. Pest control CT fleas. Fleas can also transfer tapeworms and cause low red blood cell anemia in pets, which is why active flea management is an important component of pet care. Flea bites commonly cause painful, itchy red bumps.

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Roof Repair Norwalk CT – Roofing Leak Repair Contractors – Affordable Prices

Roof Repair Norwalk CT – Roofing Leak Repair Contractors – Affordable Prices
Our Norwalk roofing repair services are available for both commercial and residential applications. Call today for a free roof repair estimate, roof installation estimate or roof replacement estimate for your home or office building.

Hire only the best same day emergency 24 hour roof repair companies in Norwalk CT. The cost of roof repair in Norwalk CT can vary from home to home based on many factors such as square footage, roof pitch and grade of laminated asphalt roofing shingles you select from our samples. We can install GAF, Owens Corning, IKO, CertainTeed and other asphalt roof shingle brands.

Our Norwalk roofers do minor and major repairs and new installations. All our Norwalk roofing contractors are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

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If your residential dwelling, home or business needs a brand new roof we can easily accommodate your needs. We only use high quality materials and roof shingles.

CDX 5-ply fir plywood, ice and water shield membrane and synthetic underlayment are all included when we need to replace dry rot or regular moisture rotted plywood or tongue and groove roofer boards. Our team or roof repair professionals also utilize residential roof repair Norwalk CT 8″ wide drip edge and wider aluminum rake edge to make sure you never have a roof leak again!

If we see damage to the structural members of your roof such as a rafter, hip rafter, valley rafter or ridge board, we will repair and or replace as needed to meet or exceed the state and local building codes… from the Council of American Building Officials, (CABO).

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