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Bed Bug Exterminators in CT – Affordable Treatment – Reviews & Best Service & Prices

Bed Bug Exterminators in CT – Affordable Treatment – Reviews & Best Service & Prices
Looking for a low cost, reasonably priced, inexpensive bed bug extermination removal service in Connecticut? Well today is your lucky day! We also offer non-toxic eco-friendly treatments and provide free estimates in writing for your family’s peace of mind!

Our CT bed bug exterminators offer same day, 24 hour emergency service to your residence or commercial property anywhere in the state. Our team of bed bug removal and eradication technicians go the extra mile to make sure your home, office or commercial motel or hotel is bed bug free 24-7! We guarantee it!

Bed bug treatment CT and bed bug removal CT are two ways to locate us on the Internet.

Why are bed bugs so bad for your health? An article in Scientific American magazine may have the answer.

Contrary to their name, bedbugs do not only hang out in beds. They can be found in just about in nook and cranny and can survive for several months without a warm blood meal.Bed bug exterminators Fairfield County CT are now in full swing for the 2016 bed bug removal season here in Southern Connecticut and all throughout the Nutmeg State. We service all towns in Fairfield County including Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury, Westport, Darien, Redding, Bridgeport, New Canaan, Norwalk, Fairfield and CT bed bug exterminators in Newtown and Ridgefield CT.The adults are reddish-brown, as about 0.2 inch (five millimeters) long, roughly the height of the numbers on a credit card, and resemble tiny cockroaches; when young, they’re pale and about the size of a pinhead. They leave itchy red skin welts and cause endless grief for their victims.

So what’s the story on these pesky ectoparasites? Is there any surefire way to avoid them—or to get rid of them if they grace you with their vampiric presence?

What are bedbugs?

The common bedbug is Cimex lectularius. They are true bugs of the order Hemiptera in that they possess a hinged beak in the front of the head and have a stylet. Bed bug exterminators New haven County CT are also busy getting rid of our Latin named Cimex lectularius in New Haven CT also. The stylet is what is pushed through the skin to find a blood vessel inside. The bug sucks until it’s full, and when it’s finished it will go and hide and digest the blood. The body swells up to six times its normal size—from a flat insect to football-shaped.

Is there really a need to worry so much when you can hire the best bed bug exterminator in CT or one of the most respected and sought after bed bug removal companies in CT? Of course not as reviewed in another article from Joel Stein on bad behavior of bed bugs.

We were once a nation deathly afraid of statistically improbable but powerful things: witches, communism, Mexicans taking our jobs. Now we are freaked out about bedbugs, 4-mm-long insects that previous generations made up cute rhymes about.Commercial bed bug exterminators in CT and commercial bed bug removal service in Connecticut would like to thank author Joel Stein for contributing to this video description on CT bed bug removal service in CT! In August, 20% of Americans said they changed their plans to go to a public place for fear of bedbug infestations, even though only 9% knew someone—themselves included—who had been infested.Bed bug exterminators Hartford CT and bed bug exterminators Hartford County CT love the pest control business.
And though there are no statistics on this yet, from what I gather on the Internet, it sure seems more Americans are having hotel sex standing up.

Well there you have it. Bed bug exterminators Waterbury CT and bed bug treatment Waterbury CT are two more sure fire ways to get rid of your bed bug problem in the greater Waterbury area. If we haven’t scared you by now you’ll never be afraid of bed bugs which according to the above cited information is not as big of a problem as once thought by pest control and bed bug extermination experts working tirelessly at the EPA and the World Health Organization.

Contact CT Bed Bug Exterminators, Inc. today for a free no obligation estimate for your residential or commercial property in Connecticut. For more detailed information on bed bugs and bed bug treatment services in CT go to the Entomological Society of America or the CDC Centers for Disease Control(CDC) website.

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