Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Helping A Methane Digester Work For You and Your Landfill!

Way back in 1994, the New York Times published an opinion piece titled “That’s No Joke About Cows and Methane”. In this piece, it was well-known that landfills are a huge source for methane gas production. Methane gas has the potential to be destructive to our environment, luckily we have figured out a way to use it to our benefit.

Methane gas has certain properties, like when it is released into our atmosphere it absorbs infrared radiation and contributes to a global warming.

What is the earth to do? Instead of ignoring the problem, people are taking action. Through the use of relatively new technologies, i.e. a Methane Digester, science has found a way to use methane for good. We here at Kaiser-Battistone even use a type of Methane Digester that powers our plant in Pennsylvania.

What is a Methane Digester?

A methane digester is a large tank that is fed organic waste. In that tank waste sinks to the bottom. There it mingles with a liquid of complex substrates that creates methane gas. This gas exits through a tube near the upper portion of the tank and sends the methane gas to be used for many purposes.

Without this crucial step methane would simply we released into the atmosphere which is very dangerous.

Many treatment plants are using this as a means to create something out of nothing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. See how one of our locations utilizes a methane digester here.

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