Thursday, September 7, 2017

Don’t Make Mistakes When Taking Care of your Grease Trap

Many professionals in businesses that use grease traps are likely unaware of their purpose. Grease, defined typically as animal fat, cools and solidifies at normal temperatures in pipes. It is lighter than water and will not mix with it, so it floats to the top of a grease trap, potentially leading to clogging. Sewers, for all of their modern marvels, simply are not designed with the ability to handle grease and other renderings in mind. If a business does not have a properly functioning grease trap in place, it is risking severe damage to the lines. 

Grease traps usually aren’t on the mind of any busy professional working in a hospital or restaurant. No one thinks about the grease that is slowly building up in the trap, soon clogging and causing expensive back-ups, fines, and possibly even costly downtime for your business. A Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) can be costly for a business; not only financially, but also in reputation.

Preventative maintenance is paramount in importance for keeping your grease trap functioning and serviceable! How often one needs to be serviced depends on the kind of grease trap one has installed and just how much grease goes through it. Some can need servicing as frequently as every ninety days. Here at Kaiser-Battistone, we put all of our grease traps through a rigorous fourteen-point service every time. With our established name and reputation at the top of our industry, you know you’ll be getting quality service when in our technicians’ hands. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re dealing with expensive and environmentally unsightly overflows that can cost you time, status, or customers. Call us today!

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