Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to Preserve Your Leach Field

When the general public talks about septic issues, they are usually thinking of the septic tank. Most people don’t realize the tank is just one part of the entire septic system. Once wastewater leaves the tank, it goes to the distribution box which sends it out to the drain field or leach field. The leach field is wastewater’s final stop in the purification process before nature takes over. From here, the wastewater percolates into the soil where gravity will pull it down to meet groundwater. Several things can go wrong on this path from your toilet to the leach field, so here are 3 things you should do to preserve your leach field.

Do Not Use a Garbage Disposal
This one applies to both the tank and leach field. While the garbage disposal may seem like a convenient means of getting rid of food scraps, it can damage your septic system. A garbage disposal merely chops food into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, these food particles do not break down adequately enough and initiate clogs. Our advice is to feed food scraps to a pet or just toss in the trash.

Install a Septic Filter
A septic filter attaches to your tank’s outlet and will catch particles that the tank was unable to separate from the effluent. It is very important that solid elements do not enter the leach field because clogs in this part of your septic system are difficult and costly to repair. Avoid all that with this easy solution. Kaiser-Battistone carries a variety of filters, and our technicians would be happy to fit one to your septic system.

Don’t Plant Anything Over the Leach Field
A common problem we see with sewage piping is that it attracts plant roots. Your wastewater is rich in nutrients that trees and bushes seek, so they naturally break through pipes to reach it. For this reason, we advise you not to plant anything over your leach field except grass. Even some types of weeds have strong roots, so weeding and mowing over the drain field must be maintained as well.

Damage to your leach field is difficult to repair and can be very costly, so make every effort to keep it in great working condition. For more tips on caring for your leach field, Contact Kaiser-Battistone or Request Service now.

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