Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How Often Does Your Septic Need to be Serviced?

septic need to be serviced

Wouldn’t it be nice if your septic tank had gadgets on it like your car that warned you of upcoming maintenance issues? Cars are equipped so they can tell you it’s time to change your oil, buy more fuel, put air in your tires, and some can even tell you you’re about to hit something. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to know when your septic tank is full of sludge or if a pipe in the leach field is about to bust. There are no lights or sounds to alert you, but we have invented a little something that will be valuable in warning you of the need for an upcoming pumping service.

Septic Service Frequency Calculator
This handy little tool is simple to use and only takes a minute! Visit our Septic Service Frequency Calculator page and answer a few quick questions using easy drop-down menus. When you’re done, click “Calculate,” and you’ll see when your next recommended service should be. There is even a button for you to schedule your next service so you don’t need to remember to check back. We’ll do that for you going forward, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Put Your Septic Maintenance On Cruise Control
Unfortunately, most people don’t know or don’t see the signs of a problem until it’s too late. That is why we recommend a scheduled maintenance routine based on your system and water consumption. Wind River can act as your check engine light by contacting you when it’s time for your septic pumping. With our professionals checking on things regularly, you’re also less likely to encounter any wastewater problems in between pumpings. Let us keep your septic facilities working properly and help you avoid wastewater emergencies. Contact Us and check out our calculator to find out when we can plan to see you next.

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