Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Alum, Dry Cake, and Leachate Liquid Sludge: Responsible Waste Treatment Techniques

There are three types of sewage layers in water filtration and waste treatment processes. Scum is the lighter than water material such as oil which floats to the top. Effluent is mostly the water itself. Anything denser than the effluent (water) forms the bottom sludge layer, and different industrial processes, in turn, produce three different types of sludge. At Kaiser-Battistone we have the professional expertise to help your municipality engage in responsible waste treatment techniques and dispose of all three.

Alum Sludge- Aluminum sulfate is the flocculating agent used in water treatment plants and other industrial processes. “Flocculating” is the polite academic term for “clumping”, and just as you’d suspect the clumping reaction which takes place during the filtration process results in large volumes of the by-product known as alum sludge.

The alum sludge is usually stored in large lagoons or in drying beds, and disposal can be a challenging task, due to the eventual high volume buildup. At Kaiser-Battistone we have two high-tech tools to meet the challenge.


  • High-tech Lagoon Pumps – We deploy these pumps to handle alum sludge disposal projects up to 500,000 gallons. Our pumping hoses capture the maximum biomass concentrations.


  • Cable Dredge- For high volume sludge removal the cable dredge is the most efficient. This technique gives us the capability to handle million-gallon sludge disposal projects.


Dry Cake Sludge- This is the sticky, dry solid material remaining from a water sewage treatment plant after all the water has been removed. Dry cake sludge can be difficult to remove and needs to be disposed of responsibly. We have numerous options for disposal due to our ongoing relationships with landfills, as well as beneficial reuse facilities.


Liquid Sludge ( Leachate)

Also known as leachate, this is the liquid byproduct generated by landfills. Landfills require special methane collection systems and we provide the maintenance to keep the methane lines working correctly. Our state-of-the-art jetting and camera equipment allows us to handle all aspects of leachate removal.

Kaiser-Battistone provides the professional industrial pumping, dredging, hauling and disposal services which meet and exceed all disposal regulatory guidelines for any of your sludge disposal projects so don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more responsible waste treatment techniques information visit our website at https://www.kaiser-http://ift.tt/2zLs2Kpservices/sludge-hauling/

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